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Aquifer Resurfaces

Your town might get its water from a lake...

It was stolen (!)

Then built on

It's all good

"But what if I get the metaphor wrong!?"

-Paula Wilson, in response to this audio

Here is an updated version of the original sketch for Mineral and Anger, a sound piece and formal exercise, trying to find a form for writing that I've accumulated over the last year. 

Inside, there are contributions from Myself, a host of voices from Apple, music from Nat King Cole and In Mirrors. Thanks y'all!

I created two chapbooks alongside the audio pieces, as stand-alone and/or accompaniment:

Pause, Precarity, and Mineral and Anger, two independently produced titles that both transcribe and re-figure the original text.

Chapbooks: Left to Right,  Pause, Precarity  and  Mineral and Anger

Chapbooks: Left to Right, Pause, Precarity and Mineral and Anger


The books cite The Long-Distance Lovers. I've been thinking about the idea of the persona, and things simple as your words in another person's mouth, and other words in my mouth, of recitation, taking on other, consuming their ideas...etc. Incantations maybe. I had time, quiet, space, to do whatever I wanted at my Carrizozo residency, sometimes it felt like nothing at all, and again and again I thought: translation and whats lost and gained. Intelligibilty.

Excerpt from the close of both, part of the colophon: 

This publication was created as an archive for a sound piece, produced in conjunction with a screening of Twin Peaks: The Return.

Lyric Theater, Carrizozo, NM November 2017

Tikva Lantigua and
The Long-Distance Lovers is an evolving collection of voices, animated and animatronic, subdued, electrical and electronic, in the flesh and otherwise, playing with aural and visual forms of delivery, the politics of reception and transmission, and aiming to engage

a multi-lingual, multi-faceted public.

My band! Evolving.

spread 3.jpg

How does a message change through intonation, robot voices, masking vulnerability with an aural mask, Tessa speak my words! Tessa is from South Africa and she was the default on my tablet. Why, I'm not sure. She speaks well, though, clear and varied.

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Woodcut, two layers, mono-printed! Hit me up if you'd like a copy of either book! One of a kind cover. Ten bucks and it will be yours!

I had the opportunity to share my work with a host of wonderful artist-people during my residency in Carrizozo Colony, NM, and I wanted to accent the ending and continue a little gifting practice I started a while ago. The people who made it to the Twin Peaks screenings and who I'd been able to share some of my work with, and share conversation with, I really wanted to leave them with something of mine. A book is a good vessel. Thank you Carrizozo, Paula, Mike, Joan, Warren, Everybody there, for being kind, and generous, and watching Twin Peaks with me even though I'm sure you were going like, what the what.

And thank you David Lynch. I wonder if I can send you mail.