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Hello friends

This here is a manilla folder of passing thoughts, ideas for studio work, attempts to understand myself and you know, the world. This is a "pile", for accountability, for keeping track of ideas, for fleshing out other ideas. Soft work is a term that for me, at least at the moment, loosely delineates creative work which concerns itself with emotion, affect, the social, the psychological, the sociological and on and on. Work known as soft, but difficult work all the same. Feel free to add your own definition.

in other words:

I hope to gather up Members of a loosely-defined

alliance of feeling-thinkers (we can make patches if you'd like but there is no registration, no membership dues, no nametags)

Who value critical discourse around






Cultural identity





the private in public

Hard feelings

On the small scale

and their large scale repercussions.

Of my heart friends who never knew me which I fully consider OG members are:

Luther Vandross, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Roni Horn, Felix-Gonzalez Torres, Sophie Calle. Just off the top of my spacey head.

I’ll be updating regularly to organize everything I write on notecards, stubborn projects, and scattered scribbles, and share with you, the readership!

Wishing you only the best, for reals -

From here in New Mexico, 4Winds Restaurant, Carrizozo, Paula Wilson’s and Joan Malkerson’s beautiful desert residency.

Tikva Lantigua Tejeda



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