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Mineral and Anger

Transcript of Audio, which preceded the second screening in Carrizozo's Lyric theater, during my residency with Paula Wilson and Joan Malkerson. 





I met this guy at an after-party for a conference on art and social justice, he told me a story about the founding of his small Vermont hometown.



It was stolen. It was an aquifer, left untouched by the native people who worked the land for centuries, millennia, I don’t know. One day, unsurprisingly, it was built on.

The aquifer was squelched, impotent, it’s inner mechanism roiling, the intense seismic energy restrained underneath houses, barns, roads, dog shit, sex shops, traffic lights. You know, etc.



pressure and water and minerals, jostling.

And so quartz manifested. A chunk so big it has a magnetic presence. A strong one.



Note to self: can emotions do the same? Do sadness and anger buried alive, taken for an unstable foundation, built on, will the pressure it takes to subsume them create a hard chunk, A solid inner thing of concentrated energy. Will it repel and attract?


2nd note to self: If Placebos can have an effect, what is anger internalized. A kind of Cancer.


Smile. Though your heart is aching. Smile even though it’s breaking. When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by. If you smile through your fear and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow you’ll see the sun come shining through for you.

Reference: Smile by Nat King Cole, performed by Fred


I think it’s telling that when I think of you, it often attracts this incredible hot anger to the surface, one partly misplaced, partly righteous, partly habitual. Me prende la sangre, as my mother would say. “It makes my blood boil.” It’s when I realize that you didn’t have my back like I had yours.



Its when you realize that they didn’t have your back like you had theirs.



Her righteous anger was frightening to see. Tensing her face, eyes bulging, she would barr her lips, and bringing her hand up to her face she would squeeze together two fingers as if she were holding a damned sharp thing, and wishing she could squeeze it out of existence. with pressure.



Animal vegetable miracle.




He told me this story, and i went on about veterans and small presses, accessibility, illness, government liability. Totally scared him away. Ha.


My own voice

My condolences to the family of Miguel Garcia, who passed away last night from cancer.


And with that I leave you a haiku, twin peaks related.


Off-screen: Harry’s sick

With the stalking presence of loss

Everyone brushes


Enjoy the show



Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 2 followed...

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