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Pause, Precarity

This audio served as an introduction to a screening of the new Twin Peaks season. While at the beginning only intended to be a casual viewing, I started drawing connections between some of my thinking and how I thought about this series.

I was lying awake last night, couldnt fall asleep. My brain was grabbing at anything at the surfaces of the day's thoughts to distract itself. I had just watched the end of this show, and felt a nagging dissatisfied feeling. I put it away. Thought about my work here, about acts of translation, and expectation, about sociology and potentially going to grad school again, I thought about this year, and what a rough one it's been. And this word came up. Precarity.


And then of course I went back to thinking about twin peaks.



Something loose, not properly secured.


something tense, underneath a smooth surface.


Latent. Something Lying Beneath a  surface

Latent. Something that waits



Something out of tune, a sharp note.


Slightly out of tune. Like the song.


These things didn't appear to be a result of my processing of this weird ass show, but ended up being pretty intertwined with it.


Everything takes on this extra significance, like labored breathing.


 Pause. Pause longer. Simple tricks to address an attempt to erase cultural trauma, or the murder of a girl in a small town, that towns trauma.


It's a negative force. It's "I've been under a lot of stress lately". It's pause labored breathing.


Hope u like it.

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