1. ARTIST 2. PRINTMAKER 3. If I had a band we’d be The Long - Distance Lovers

✨ Affirmations ✨

Opening to new album by the Long - Distance Lovers:

This shit is tight, this right here (Mind Body, Cunt, yes even Craft)

Repeat after me:

I am a dope ass artist, I make really fucking good work.


I am a good ass human. I am loyal and caring

and I can tell my friends I love them. 

I am funny/silly, I am fighting denial, i am real. 

I'm so fucking worthwhile I ravage communities of past lovers with my particular mix of being amazing

(to recap: smart [don't undercut yourself here] 

and perceptive [not manipulative],

goofy AF and lovin it,

ima good friend, and I should let others care for me sometimes)


I am sexy, I am latinx first generation Dominican-American babe.


I will say yes 

I will be more open, trusting

I will love and help others, you know, uplift. Everybody. 

[these are where the art can pick up, imagining futures for who I want to be

as well as more global hopes. Change starts here]

I will not fear, I will envision the future, and I will aim and fail big. 


And sometimes I'll succeed.


I can do anything


I will state the un/reasonable fears and angers, 

I will then move on from them. I will ask for what I need. 

I will not compare myself to others, because I am me and they are them, 

and this shit is scary good. 

This shit is so good, they had to run

Or be sucked up into it. 


I am not for the faint of heart.


My work is dope.


I am strong.


My name is tikva nohemi lantigua tejeda.

This is my mantra. 

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