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I make work about people, behind on top against alongside people. The germ of a new project develops in response to tension and language; I am first-generation Dominican-American, I interpret relational, familial and societal dissonance through an auto/biographical lens.

My questions find form in collaborative book projects, in drawing and sound installation of stigma and paranoia, in a visual essay on reproductive terror that I may never share with my family, and whatever medium and imagery that suits the idea. These works lean against Shame, Guilt and Judgment in order to grapple with what being a body really means; a body in a tension of relations, performing history.

There are themes that have been consistent, basically since I was eight years old: emphasis on intimacy, relationality, identity, transience, language, and translation. I feel like I’m only beginning to explore how my racial and cultural identity shape my view and my work, but it feels like the time to explore it.

tikva (tēk-və)  :           

Tikva means hope in Hebrew, (but she isn’t Jewish);

Her parents are Dominican;

She grew up in no place in particular, stateside and Germany, in a vaguely itinerant fashion, from military installation to military installation.

Tikva thinks this has influenced her emphasis on the instability of identity, the slipperiness of communication, and the intricacies of what it means to be “I” in a “we” that keeps changing.




Marietta, GA, USA


Instagram: @rememberyourtraining

March 2017

March 2017